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What SPYCOMPS helps you solve

SPYCOMPS is your eyes and ears on the market. We provide the in-depth visibility, data and intelligence you need to make faster, better informed marketing and intelligence decisions. If you want to be competitive, you must know what competitive is.

Pricing intelligence

SPYCOMPS monitors competitor prices so you can benefit from visibility into the market and full awareness of the competitive pricing landscape on the store shelf.

Landscape analysis

Let SPYCOMPS keep track of the competitive landscape in your marketplace so you can focus on strategy and marketing. Make faster, better business decisions by developing an in-depth understanding of the market.

Market research & trends

SPYCOMPS scans the retail marketplace for the most relevant new product introductions, ideas and concepts. Kick-start your innovation efforts by turning trends and insights into strategic assets.

Who's keeping the pulse on your market place?

The majority of organizations today currently build their business intelligence from a variety of sources that are traditionally unstructured and often unreliable. In this all too common business scenario, who is keeping the pulse on your market place?

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What our clients are saying

SPYCOMPS is uniquely skilled at digging up new market ideas and insights from a variety of unlikely sources. Their continuous flow of information and resources is a valuable addition to my role in identifying and developing disruptive business and new product concepts.

Tom, Delta Faucet

Using SPYCOMPS is like having eyes on the back of our heads. They have introduced us to many new ideas, product features and market applications that we had not thought of yet. SPYCOMPS’ introductions and awareness of opportunities have helped Brackets for Good achieve industry recognition that has been instrumental to the growth of our organization.

Matt, Brackets for Good

Jason brings a high level of marketing knowledge to support our business and was an originator of marketing landscapes for the retail buyers and marketplace. Our accounts utilize our marketing information because of the design, content and usefulness.

Reed, Williams Bay Outdoor Products

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You can't go to retailers with a competitive offering if you don't know what competitive is. We help you achieve the insight you need to stay competitive. Give us a call or drop some information below, so we can get in touch.

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